Pink puppy born deaf and blind becomes an inspiration for kids with differences

Sometimes our lovely animals are born with various disabilities but this doesn’t make them less impressive and important. A fine example is Piglet, a pink Dachshund Chihuahua mix who was born deaf and blind.

Piglet has become an inspiration for many people around the world.

The puppy’s disabilities are explained by the breeding anomaly. As his parents are both dapple-colored Dachshunds. The little puppy turned out to be a “double dapple.” These cases are characterized by a unique fur coating but also frequently result in deafness and blindness.

Despite his disabilities, the pink pup was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia in 2017. He was rescued by  Melissa Shapiro, a practicing veteran with experience caring for special-needs pets. Piglet needed special care and treatment because of his health issues and Melissa already had 6 other pets and thought she couldn’t keep Piglet too. However, after 2 months she and Piglet understood that it was his home.

As the piglet could neither see nor hear Shapiro decided to use other senses to communicate. They talked using tap and touch signals.

Soon Piglet and Sapiro started to visit schools and it became very helpful for children. They visited many schools by using the “Piglet Mindset” program to help inspire these children who can’t overcome the obstacles and meet the life challenges. Shapiro showed them how Piglet being so different from others continues to live and enjoy life. They also inspire people to change their attitudes towards animals with special needs. He’s even inspired two published books: the memoir Piglet and the newly-released children’s book Piglet Comes Home, both authored by Melissa Shapiro.

Piglet became a star and Shapiro called him a “rock star”. She claimed that the dog felt the crowd of people around and he posed perfectly in such moments. Shapiro shared the dog’s photos and inspire many people. Piglet will also be aware of many people about breeding practices and not make future puppies disabled just because of this.

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