Sad Shelter Dog Whose Only Friend Was This Elephant Toy Learns That He And His Toy Are Getting New Home

Meet Smokey, a cute doggie whose owners left him in Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center on Valentine’s Day because they couldn’t keep him anymore. He was with his favorite gray elephant with pink ears. The stuffed toy helped the dog overcome his anxiety and comforted him very much.

However, Smokey stayed depressed, and the shelter scheduled him to euthanize in March. But everything changed when another nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization visited Smokey.

The treasurer of the organization Melissa Sutherland talked to the dog and comforted him. After their talks, Smokey kept smiling. The I Have A Dream Rescue Organization took Smokey and prepared him to meet his new owners. The new owner should take the dog with his lovely elephant.

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